The CAVVVE Program

For Couples

Divorce – Proof Your Relationship Before It Starts

Who Am I?

Happily ever after…
I met my husband, Doug, attending college in Hawaii. After one month, he asked me to marry him! Studying psychology, I knew it was crazy, but I accepted his proposal! We were engaged for six months and are now approaching 40 years of marriage. But it wasn’t always the happily-ever-after that Disney had promised! After twenty-five years, six kids, and a major medical event, it felt like we had become roommates, involved in living unconnected, parallel lives – an invisible divorce. We went to marriage counseling and the turning point came when the therapist gave us a handout with a quote saying, “Conflict is growth trying to happen.”

Through the experience of learning three simple steps to communicate, we started on the path in understanding that we each married ‘potential’ NOT ‘perfection’! Since that time, relationship science has become a passion of mine and together Doug and I practice the skills many couples learn too late or never learn. We are on our way in creating that happily-ever-after for us!

In the many couples’ workshops we’ve done across the country, the feedback we’ve heard most is, “I wish I would have known this before we got married.”

That’s why I teach tools and skills, while guiding committed couples, in getting a jumpstart on a long-lasting, positive and happily-ever-after relationship!

About My Program


Who It Is For?

This program is for:

  • Those desiring or already in an exclusive, committed relationship
  • Newly engaged couples who want to gain clarity on how to make a relationship in marriage work
  • Couples considering moving in together who want to learn how to communicate meaningfully with each other and avoid conflict
  • Those who are passionate about creating a long-lasting, trusting, and romantic relationship

Who It Is Not For?

This program is not for:

  • Anyone who is looking for a ‘trophy wife’ or a ‘sugar daddy’
  • Anyone looking for a quick way to an easy relationship
  • Anyone satisfied with a “friends with benefits” relationship
  • Those not willing to invest the time and effort required to create a lasting relationship
Module one

What Is Vital To A Healthy Relationship


  • Gain clarity on why divorce happens and relationships fail – Going from soul-mates to soul-hates
  • Discover the six foundational CAVVVE elements of any successful relationship
  • Identify your current level of compatibility as a couple


Our objective is to divorce-proof your relationship before it starts. In this foundational module, you will gain clarity on why divorce happens and what makes a healthy relationship instead. You’ll also complete an assessment to discover where you and your partner are as a compatible couple.

Module two

‘C’ Is For Curiosity – The Catalyst For Connection


  • Understand the importance of always being curious 
  • Learn the correct method of conversation so you can talk about anything
  • Master the skill of listening


Curiosity is the beginning step in learning, discovering, and finding who you are and who your partner is. Understanding how to really listen is a key component of connection. 3 simple steps will help you to understand more about yourself and your partner.

Module three

‘A’ Is For Appreciation


  • Become (and stay) best friends through the art of appreciation
  • Get your ‘but’ out of the way!
  • Fortify trust, respect, and motivation


Lack of appreciation leads to being taken for granted, which then leads to other problems, such as arguments, frustration, and resentment. This module teaches how to consistently be appreciated.

Module four

‘V&V’ Is For Value And Validation


  • Gain clarity in what each individual brings to the union
  • Build unity in your purpose for forming your partnership
  • Recognize areas of difference in your beliefs, behaviors, and expectations


Each of you is one-of-a-kind, and although the chemistry is hot between you right now, differences in a relationship will start causing contention. In this module, you will harness fear and disappointment, to make individual differences build, rather than destroy, your relationship.

Module five

‘V’ Is for Vulnerability


  • Uncover the myths of vulnerability
  • Experience safety in sharing flaws, insecurities, mistakes, and fears
  • Investigate and accept differences and imperfections


Vulnerability builds trust, and trust builds vulnerability. Trust is the foundation of all close relationships. When it’s broken, it seems impossible to repair. This module helps to solidify trust by experiencing vulnerability with your partner.

Module SIX

‘E’ Is For Empathy


  • Learn how to feel heard and understood in the most caring way
  • Recognize how to form a deeper connection
  • Solidify the couplehood union


According to Brene Brown, “Empathy fuels connection…we are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it, there is suffering.” This module encourages finding opportunities for empathy and using it.

Module seven

Keep Your Romantic Love Alive


  • Become a true soul mate
  • Understand what intimacy is and how we can achieve it
  • Keep romance and passion as your commitment, even when life sucks!


For most couples, the “honeymoon phase” – the romantic, tender, and idealistic first stage of love – lasts between six months and two years. Then what happens? Many start crafting a great escape plan! This module keeps romantic love and passion from wandering away from marriage.

Module eight

You Won’t Be Alone


  • Receive a weekly check-in call for four additional weeks
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Learn to overcome all obstacles


In this final module, you will receive support to overcome any obstacle or get any questions answered as you begin implementing everything you have learned in the program. Now you can begin living your “happily ever after” life together.

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